maandag 15 juni 2009

Mister Cerix is our brother on Bali. And we are Hans and Fifi from Holland. He used to call us Mr. Hans and Mrs. Fifi. And from a certain moment we became his brother and sister. Here he is proudly posing for his new car an “AVANZA”.

From the first day we arrived in Ubud some years ago, Mister Cerix became our driver and guide. There is no better then he is. From the start with many good advises, with which it is very handy that he speaks very good English.

Mr Cerix knows and explain about the tradition, the culture and the religion. So from completely not knowers about Bali - when we arrived on the island we were completely blanco - we can say that we now can explain to others. Thanks to him.

So that’s how we learned about Bali and in the same time we fell in love with his beautiful island, about which our brother Mister Cerix could passionately talk during our many trips with a good feeling for joking. He knows all the roads, big and small of Bali. He has the map in his head and in his heart.

And now we are coming back every year. To see Mister Cerix and his lovely family and friends.

We had the chance to meet his mother in the mountains in the west (we went there already several times).

We went to the north to Singaraja, to the lakes and the vulcanos in the middle (lake Bratan has become “our” lake), to the east to Karangasem, Klungkung, Padangbai, to the south touring the so called “bukit”. To the west to Tabanan, Kerambitan (where we have become close friends to the royal family) until the Pura Rambut Siwi.

And when we were driving through the beautiful ricefields of any other beautiful landscape or nice village he used to call that: ‘ This is the real Bali.’

Through the years we visited not only the touristic places, but we did in fact many research to find places unkown for the common tourist.

We went to so many places and we did so many roads, that by now also the map is in our own heads. And always we encounter a new experience.

And Mister Cerix is always prepared to give a helping hand when necessary (to cross a lake for instance).

In fact we visited almost every temple on the island - that’s not nothing because there are thousands of temples, big or small - because we are really temple-hoppers.

You name a temple to Mister Cerix and he brings you there. And when he not knows he asks.

Because Mister Cerix has himself so many friends - when you sit with him in the car, it looks he knows everyone - we also now know a lot of people.

We met many very interesting people, who told us many good stories, with who we have now a good relation. Also a good reason to come back every year. On the picture above: Mister Cerix with his brother Arjana, also driver.

Through our brother Mister Cerix also we had the opportunity to get invited to some special ceremonies, like for instance a Balinese wedding (already several times).

And he always knows when there is a big cremation or temple festival.

We always stay in the same place: Dewi Ayu 2, a homestay in Ubud in the Hanomanstreet of his family in law, where he also lives with his friendly wife Raka and his two children Bintang and Surya, of which he is a proud father.

To stay there is also very practical, Mister Cerix is always very close to drive us anywhere we want.

About Mister Cerix’s character: one of his main qualities is his honesty.

he always asks a fair price. Never too much. And he expects his fellow Balinese to do the same.

So if you want a good experience with our brother, when you are on Bali, call Mister Cerix (local telephone 081 6470 2350).

Address: Hanoman Street 41, Ubud.

Ubud is a nice place to stay and is the heart of Bali. Not only geographically but also for the arts and for the spiritual thing. Ubud means medicine. You get cured there ..